Information necessary for owners to make appointments at SNU VMTH is provided.

  • Information on Appointment by Owners

    • In order to receive consultation at SNU VMTH for the first time(initial consultation), you will need to submit a medical referral or a medical opinion letter from the local veterinary hospital on the day of initial consultation.
    • Even if an appointment had been made in advance through our administration office, you will not be consulted if you do not bring a medical referral on the day of your first visit for initial consultation.
    • The medical referral must be one written about the animal‘s previous treated conditions, and the local veterinary hospital’s test result material such as imagery test or blood test, etc., if submitted with the medical referral, may be helpful for seamless treatment. However, the same tests may be conducted again at SNU VMTH to confirm the diagnosis and observe the progress.

    We recommend that you consult your local vet prior to making an appointment with us, so that you can get the medical referral or medical opinion letter issued.

    The medical referral form can be downloaded below, and other medical referral forms as provided by the requested hospital can also be submitted.

Inquiry and reception for consultation request


On your initial consultation visit, you cannot receive consultation at departments other than the department for which you‘ve made an appointment on the same day. However, if the
medical team deems that joint treatment with other departments is required, it may be possible for you to receive medical services at other departments as an exception.

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