Privacy Policy

Private information handled at Seoul National University (SNU) is collected, possessed and processed on the basis of relevant laws as well as an agreement with the information owner. With the Privacy Protection Act for Public Organizations that provides a general foundation in dealing with individuals' privacy, SNU shall observe the law to collect, possess, and process private data in the manner of conducting public affairs faithfully and preserving the rights of people.
SNU also shall lawfully respects people’s rights, including the right to request to view and make corrections to their private information retained by SNU. People are entitled to file an administrative lawsuit in accordance with the Administrative Judgment Law, if there is any infringement of their legal rights.
The Policy contains two parts: the Privacy for Website Users, which intends to protect private data handled over all websites operated by SNU, and the Computerized Private Data, which is necessary for SNU to implement its missions and tasks.

Ⅰ. Privacy Protection over SNU Websites

This section explains how privacy policy works over websites operated by SNU (“SNU Website”). The following apply to SNU Website.
● Auto-collected and saved private information
When you access any SNU Website, the following information may be automatically collected and saved:
  • The user’s Internet address, browser type and OS;
  • The addresses of pages visited by the user within the website;
  • The times of visits; and others.
Please note that such auto-collected information may be used to provide statistics to improve the content and services of the Websites, facilitate communication with users, and respond to security events, and that such information may be submitted to law enforcement according to legislation or regulation.
● Data collected through e-mails and web forms
Users are eligible to express their opinions via mail, phone, or electronic measures, such as an online posting. When you choose one of these methods, please remember that:
  • Users other than you can view your online feedback;
  • Your feedback may be shared with others based on related laws, or used to execute regulations and develop policies ; and
  • Your opinions may be disclosed or provided to other organizations, if necessary.
    Despite our concerted efforts to manage and control the security of the Websites, please use caution when including any sensitive information in your online feedback.
● Security measures available on the Websites
In order to offer uninterrupted security and online service, SNU monitors network traffic and runs many programs to detect any outside disturbances, such as any illegal modification of content.
● Web page links
When you are transferred to an external website or page after clicking on a link or banner on one of the Websites, please ensure that you view the privacy policy of the destination, since you are no longer subject to our Privacy Policy.
● Access to others' private information while using the Websites
On all of the Websites, you must not obtain any personally identifiable information of others, including email addresses. Anyone who viewed or was offered such information through an illegal manner shall be punished in observance with Article 23 (Penalty) of the Privacy Protection Act for Public Organizations.
● Report of privacy violation
If you have found a confirmed or possible violation that private information has been disclosed to the public while using the Websites, please report the case to us using one of the options below:
▷ Privacy Protection Office of SNU: Joon Koo Han, CIO
  • E-mail:
  • Phone: 02-880-2121 / Fax: 02-887-0130
  • Address: Privacy Protection Office, SNU Office of IS & T, 599 Gwanakro Gwanakgu Seoul (151-742)
▷ SNU Privacy Protection Contact: Nam Woong Kim, Division of Information Security
  • E-mail:
  • Phone: 02-880-6288 / Fax: 02-887-0130
  • Address: Privacy Protection Contact, SNU Computer Center, 599 Gwanakro Gwanakgu Seoul (151-742)
● Contact Info of Privacy Protection Contacts
SNU has assigned a contact for each area in order to ensure that it secures the legal and procedural relevancy of privacy protection, respects people’s privacy and conducts our public affairs faithfully. If you have any question regarding private information files retained by SNU or SNU’s Privacy Policy, please contact us.
【SNU Privacy Protection Assignees】
Category Privacy Protection Assignees Contact
Location Phone
Chief Assignee CIO, Office of Information Systems & Technology SNU Computer Center 02-880-1371
Responsible Assignees Manager of School Affairs 3F SNU Main Center 02-880-5020
Manager of Academic Affairs 1F SNU Main Center 02-880-5040
Manager of Student Affairs 3F SNU Main Center 02-880-5050
Manager of Welfare 2F SNU Main Center 02-880-5070
Manager of General Affairs 3F SNU Main Center 02-880-5090
Manager of Finance 3F SNU Main Center 02-880-5105
Manager of Management 3F SNU Main Center 02-880-5130
Director, Division of Information Security in SNU Computer Center SNU Computer Center 02-880-1411

Ⅱ. Computerized Private Data

● Collection and Retention of Private Data
SNU collects and retains private data based solely on lawful regulations and agreement by the owner.
Private data collected and retained by SNU
【SNU Career Development Center】
File Name Hire Statistics
Legal Base Presidential Decree 20593
Purpose of Retention To provide career-related advice and manage hire statistics
Items to be Retained Student number, student name, personal identification number, phone number, email, date of entrance, date of graduation, etc.
Department and Period The Career Development Center (10 years after graduation)
【General Department - Reserve Force】
File Name Roster of all male registered students and graduates
Legal Base Article 80 of Military Law, and Clause 4-3 가-(3) of Reserve Force Handbook
Purpose of Retention To provide resources for reserve force info to the Military Manpower Administration
Items to be Retained Student name, personal identification number, register details, register changes and dates, and date of graduation
Department and Period Reserve Force Unit of the General Department (To be destroyed after submission)
【SNU Student Dorm】
File Name Information about dorm residents
Legal Base SNU Dorm Regulations
Purpose of Retention To manage student residents
Items to be Retained Student name, student number, personal identification number, mail address, nationality, phone number, account number, e-mail, department, blood type, unique info (name, student number and contact), room number, and priority status
Department and Period SNU Student Dorm (semi-permanent)
【SNU Admission Management Center】
File Name
  • School life records
  • The roster of applicants
  • SAT grades of applicants
Legal Base Article 34 of the Higher Education Law, Article 35 of its enforcement ordinance, and school regulations
Purpose of Retention To manage SNU applicants, school life records and SAT grades
Items to be Retained
  • Student name, personal identification number, high school code, department code, year of graduation, date of register change, attendance, awards, certificates, special activities, voluntary activities, field activities, etc.
  • Student name, personal identification number, mail address, phone number, examinee's number, high school name, date of graduation, military duty, nationality, grades, parents’ names, relations with them, parents’ contacts, parents’ address(es),and examinee’s number
  • Student name, personal identification number, examinee’s number, application category/grade, and application type
Department and Period The Admission Management Center (Permanent, 4 years, 4 years, respectively)
【SNU Library】
File Name Management of Library Users
Legal Base School regulations, and rules for academic affairs management
Purpose of Retention To prevent any loss of collections and provide quality library service
Items to be Retained Student name, student number, personal identification number, Position, department, mail address, phone number, e-mail, registration status, enrollment/disenrollment status, book transactions (loans, returns, late returns, reservations), and late fee payment status
Department and Period The Library (permanent)
【SNU Facility Management Department】
File Name Park Management
Legal Base SNU Traffic Regulations and Operational Rules
Purpose of Retention To efficiently manage entrance and parking for vehicles on campus
Items to be Retained Student name, student number, personal identification number, department phone number, vehicle identification number and model (what about the model as well?)
Department and Period The Facility Management Department (at the time of returning the park permit)
【SNU Academic Affairs Department of the Office of School Affairs】
File Name Academic Affairs Management
Legal Base School regulations, and academic affairs management rules
Purpose of Retention To efficiently manage academic affairs for registered students and graduates
Items to be Retained Student name, student number, personal identification number, department, year, address, phone number, e-mail, military duty, awards/penalties, grades, credits earned, registration status, enrollment/disenrollment status, dates of enrollment, department, dates of college graduation, dates of high school enrollment, dates of high school graduation, parents’ names, relations with them, their occupations, their phone number(s), and their address(es)
Department and Period The Academic Affairs Department of School Affairs Office (permanent)
【SNU Inter-University Research Facilities】
File Name Homepage Management
Legal Base Regulation of Inter-University Research Facilities and Operational rules for facility use and preservation
Purpose of Retention To manage the use of the facility
Items to be Retained Student name, personal (corporate) identification number, affiliation, ID, password, phone number and e-mail
Department and Period The Center of Inter-University Research Facilities (for 5 years after membership withdrawal)
【SNU Welfare Department of Students Office】
File Name Scholarship Management
Legal Base School regulations, and scholarship management rules
Purpose of Retention To efficiently manage scholarships for registered students and graduates
Items to be Retained Student name, personal identification number, affiliation, payment made, account number, parents’ names, relations with them, their occupations, mail address(es), monthly income, assets, phone number, advisor name, surety info (name, relation, personal identification number, address and phone number)
Department and Period The Welfare Department of Students Center (permanent)
【SNU Institute of Laboratory Animal Resources】
File Name Web page membership management
Legal Base Regulation of the Institute
Purpose of Retention To provide efficient management policy for researchers
Items to be Retained Member’s name, membership number, phone number, address, occupation, e-mail, and academic info (years of enrollment in bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degree programs)
Department and Period Institute of Laboratory Animal Resources (permanent)
【SNU Computer Center】
File Name Account Management
Legal Base SNU Information Service Regulations, and Portal Site Operation and Account Management Regulations
Purpose of Retention To verify access to SNU systems
Items to be Retained User's name, personal identification number, ID, password, blood type, address, phone number, student number and employee number
Department and Period SNU Computer Center (At the time of membership withdrawal)

Private information files to be reported to a higher organization (the Ministry of Public Administration and Security)

* In accordance with Article 10 of the Privacy Protection Act for Public Organizations, private information files that are used exclusively for SNU’s internal affairs, such as wages and personnel info, shall be excluded from the report.
Name of Personal Info File School Register File
Legal Base Article 35 of the Higher Education Law (Conferment of Degree)
Purpose of Retention To manage the school register and issue academic certificates
Items to be Retained Student number, name, date of admission, admission category, expulsion and re admission history, completion and graduation status, compensation, discipline, grades, etc.
Period of Retention Semi-permanent
Name of Personal Info File Management of Reserve Force
Legal Base The Reserve Force Law
Purpose of Retention Management of the Reserve Force
Items to be Retained Military service number, military type, military rank, military occupational specialty, main specialty, major specialties, force type, title at the time of discharge, date of enlistment, date of discharge, discharge category, reason for discharge, date of transfer-in, date of transfer-out, reason for transfer, organization category, mobilization, classification, organization details, zip code, address, and whether provided in the Military Manpower Administration, The name of unit mobilized for, call roster number, name, blood type, the name of the unit discharged from, personal identification number (27), etc.
Period of Retention Semi-permanent

SNU is fully committed to protecting individual privacy by processing personal information in observance with relevant laws.

● Limits to the supply of and access to private information
In contrast to to general administrative information, personal data collected and retained by SNU is strictly limited in its usage and supply. In regard to such information, Article 10 of the Privacy Protection Act for Public Organizations stipulates that:
Private information files shall not be provided for purposes other than mentioned herein with the exception that they are lawfully allowed to be used and offered by insiders and outsiders of the organization according to other legal foundations.
Despite the provisions aforementioned, private files may be used and provided to other organizations against its original purpose of retention when: (with the exception of when the rights of the owners of the information and the rights of the third parties may be exposed to any unfair treatment and infringement.)
  • The owner of the information provides approval or the information is offered to the owner and not other people;
  • A task required by another law cannot be completed, and deliberation was made by the privacy protection committee under Article 20;
  • The information needs to be submitted to a foreign government or international organization in order to observe treaties and other international agreements;
  • The information needs to be supplied for statistical and academic research in a personally unidentifiable form;
  • The information owner and his/her legal proxy are incapacitated or are not able to provide his/her approval because of reasons, including an invalid address, and it is regarded as clearly beneficial for the information owner to enable others to use and have access to the info;
  • The information is required for law enforcement to conduct criminal investigations and issue or maintain indictments; and
  • The information is required for a court to process its trial issues.
SNU respects the rights of information owners when categorizing private information for internal use only, acceptable to disclose to third parties, or acceptable to publish online.
● Request to view and correct private information
SNU allows information owners to request to view and make corrections to their private information files in accordance with the Privacy Protection Act (or other relevant laws, if applicable). However, under its Article 13 exceptions can be made if:
A. Approval of the request could bring encumbrance to executing affairs, including
  • Taxation and tax returns;
  • Performance evaluation or student selections at schools of the Elementary and Junior High School Education Law and the Higher Education Law, and extension education facilities of the Extension Education Law;
  • Tasks in relation to academic performance and employment tests, qualification screening, and the calculation, evaluation or determination of compensation payment;
  • Audit and investigation under other laws; and
  • Other tasks designated by the Presidential Decree.
B. Possible harm to an individual’s life or potential violation of one’s assets and interests is expected.
  • To view the info:
  • · Scope and procedures:
A. Scope of information to be corrected
  • Information that does not remain accurate to the facts
  • False information that needs to be deleted
B. To make corrections to information (under the Privacy Protection Act):

Requests should be sent to:

* The information holding organization (department) is assigned to handle the requests.

Information Holder
(Main Department)
Private Info File Location Phone
Department of School Affairs personnel management for teachers, paper evaluation, and qualification test for paper submission 3F SNU Main Center 02-880-5023,5039
Department of Academic Affairs School register 1F SNU Main Center 02-880-5032
Department of Student Affairs Student management, student card issuance 3F SNU Main Center 02-880-5050
Department of Welfare Scholarship management, management of part-time job arrangements 2F SNU Main Center 02-880-5078
Department of General Affairs Employee personnel issue (for GCC), reserve force management 3F SNU Main Center 02-880-5097
Department of Finance Monthly income, tax report and registration management 3F SNU Main Center 02-880-5107
Department of Management Park Management 3F SNU Main Center 02-880-5132
SNU Computer Center Account management (for all members) SNU Computer Center 02-880-5377
● Remedy for infringement
Anyone whose rights and benefits were infringed on by an information holder’s improper actions or nonperformance regarding a request made under Article 12, Clause 1 (Access to Information) and Article 14, Clause 1 (Correction and Deletion of Info) of the Privacy Protection Act for Public Organizations is entitled to file an administrative lawsuit according to the Administrative Judgment Law.

※ To see details of the Administrative Judgment Law,

→ Go to and then click on “Administrative Judgment Consultation.”

Phone numbers for Administrative Judgment Committees (See also the website of the Ministry of Government Legislation)

Phone numbers of Administrative Judgment Committees (AJC)
Seoul AJC 02-731-6157, 6557 Gangwon Province AJC 033-249-2132, 2478
Busan AJC 051-888-2212 Northern Choongcheong Province AJC 043-220-2321~4
Daegu AJC 053-429-2137 Southern Choongcheong Province AJC 042-251-2133
Inchon AJC 032-440-2292 Northern Jeolla Province AJC 063-280-2132
Gwangju AJC 062-606-2132 Southern Jeolla Province AJC 062-607-2131
Daejeon AJC 042-600-2152 Northern Gyeongsang Province AJC 053-429-2137
Ulsan AJC (053) 229-2132 Southern Gyeongsang Province AJC 055-279-2133
Gyeonggi Province AJC 031-249-2132, 2881 Jeju Province AJC 064-710-2272

SNU is determined to faithfully and lawfully use any personal information it collects to conduct necessary tasks in observance of relevant regulations and the agreement of information owners.

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