Companion Animal Culture Class

Guide you to the location of Seoul National University Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital

What is
the CACC?

The CACC(Companion Animal Culture Class) organized by SNU-VMTH hosts free and open lectures every year in the hopes of establishing a proper companion animal culture where people and animals live happily in harmony. This effort began in 2014. These culture classes have been contributing to the pleasant coexistence of humans and companion animals through education across various topics.

Invitation for CACC

Our culture class invites not only professors and medical staff from our hospital, but also external speakers from various field in order to accomodate a variety of topics and education. You can expect a different experience every lecture.

CACC Schedule
and Application

CACC is held every other month - Feb/Apr/Jun/Aug/Oct/Dec of every year.
Participation is open 4 weeks prior to every class, and you can register by clicking the button below.

Walk the SNU campus
with veterinarians program

CACC offers walking programs twice a year, where you can walk the SNU campus with our veterinarians. The program is offered in spring and autumn only, and you can take an easy stroll with the veterinarians.

  • Every lecture will be about an hour and a half.
  • You can send an email to by the day before the event, if you wish to cancel your registration.
  • It is free if you use the parking lot in front of VMTH. If you park in the campus, parking fares may apply. Parking is limited, so use public transportation if possible.
  • You cannot bring your companion animals except for the campus walking event planned twice a year.
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