Information on different departments at SNU VMTH and introduction for the medical staff will be provided here.

In order to provide proper medical treatment for the ever-increasing skin-related ailments of companion animals, SNU VMTH has assigned professors of dermatology and is operating the dermatology department as an independent department. SNU VMTH is the only veterinary hospital to have a dedicated dermatology department.
The SNU VMTH dermatology department mainly provides the following medical services.
skin disease
We carry out PCR test for the timely diagnosis of bacterial skin infections and dermatophytosis. Antibiotic treatment will be based on the identification of bacterial skin infection and an antibiotic susceptibility test.
The dermoscopic test is a test that aids the treatment of skin diseases, especially those associated with hair growth and pore conditions by the use of dermoscopic image, on which we can visually confirm the healthiness and status of the skin based on hair growth, skin formation degree, and pore conditions.
TEWL test
The normal moisture level of the skin and the natural defense mechanism of the skin are known to be directly related to the healthiness of the skin. The TEWL test is a method that can evaluate the dryness and moisture levels, assessing the healthiness of the skin overall.
This test is mainly used for the management of atopic dermatitis patients and evaluation of treatment responses.
Skin biopsy
Skin biopsy is a test method that can detect the precise cause of skin ailments through a tissue biopsy test, which makes possible the diagnosis of intractable skin conditions and skin conditions that are difficult to diagnose with just a basic examination at other hospitals. This test is especially useful for diagnosis of oncogenous ailments.
Otitis externa and
otitis media
At SNU VMTH, digital otoscopes are available to precisely determine the external auditory meatus and eardrum status.
We are also focusing on the internal management of chronic, intractable otitis externa and otitis media.
Hearing test
Assessment of hearing abilities of animals cannot be performed through subjective question and answer, unlike humans.
Therefore, the BAER(Brainstem Auditory Evoked Response) test is used to measure the response of the auditory stimulus to the auditory nervous system to determine whether or not the patient has completely lost hearing abilities.
Allergic skin
Allergy care is a medical service that is at the center of SNU VMTH dermatology department. We focus on the diagnosis and treatment of atopic dermatitis and food allergic ailments, which are considered to be one of the most problematic chronic skin ailments in Korea. In order to diagnose atopic dermatitis, we carry out IDST(Intradermal Skin Test ), which offers the highest diagnostic accuracy. To conduct this test, we have secured about 55 types of antigens for testing environmental allergens according to domestic standards.
Also, for the antigen that is confirmed to be the causal substance of the atopy from the intradermal antigen testing on the patient, we perform customized immunotherapy suited to each individual patient to induce immunologic tolerance. Through this therapy, our patients may finally overcome the pain of atopic ailments.
  • Allergy intradermal testing
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