Our History

The pathway of Seoul National University Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital

  • 1954.02.10

    First opened as Veterinary Clinics under the SNU Veterinary College

    (Presidential Decree No. 780)

  • 1978.02.28

    Expansion and re-opening as Veterinary Teaching Hospital under the Veterinary College

  • 1996.03.02

    Revision of provisions to SNU College of Veterinary Medicine Veterinary Hospital (Seoul) and SNU College of Veterinary Medicine Large Animal Hospital(Gyeonggi)

    (Seoul National University Rule No. 1001)

  • 1997.02.17

    Opened the Small Animal Hospital(Seoul) under the College of Veterinary Medicine

    (56-1, Sillaim 9, Gwanak-gu, Seoul)

  • 2002.02.21

    Changed the name to Seoul National University College of Veterinary Medicine Hospital

    (Seoul National University Rule 1244)

  • 2017.11.03

    Expansion of SNU VMTH, re-opening

    (5,667㎡ (1,714 pyeong)-sized construction)

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