Information on different departments at SNU VMTH and introduction for the medical staff will be provided here.

Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Medicine is the field that diagnoses and treats patients that need emergency and critical assistance at the front line. Although the field of medicine itself is becoming increasingly subdivided, diseases or injuries in emergency patients are often very complicated; and a insight of diverse fields of disease and multiple organ damage is required.
The field has been established in response to the demand for experienced medical staffs with specialty training in emergency medicine that can provide timely and high-quality emergency medical services by making split-second decisions for order of priority and treatment.
Emergency room provides a front line treatment of patients from the scene, and also is a midway point prior to full hospitalization. Therefore it also is a duty of our emergency team to cooperate with society and public organizations to expand the veterinary care beyond the hospital. SNU VMTH presents a new model for veterinary emergency system in Korea by operating Emergency Medical Center with systemic and professional manner; and it is an important role of Department of Emergency and Critical Care to organize systematic emergency program, as well as educating and training personnels as well.
Emergency team perform preliminary examination and stabilizes the patient’s condition until further examination and treatment by relevant department is available. If needed, emergency team may conduct emergency surgery and treatment as well.
As well as various emergency conditions requiring internal and surgical care, main field of emergency medicine includes resuscitation medicine including cardiopulmonary resuscitation, severe trauma resuscitation; treatment of intoxication; emergency cardiology and specialized cardiac management; and medical response in disaster situations.
We carry out triage, a classification system based on the severity of the conditions, and operate a fast track to provide high-quality emergency medical care. We also train our medical staff through simulations so that they can react promptly in emergency situations.

Emergency patients can receive direct treatment at SNU VMTH Emergency Medical Center regardless of the hospital system where university hospitals can only receive patients who have been through first and second medical institutions.

  • Emergency Medicine Center: Waiting area
  • Emergency Medicine Center: Reception
Joint Treatment
For precise diagnosis and treatment for emergency patients, SNU VMTH Emergency Center operates joint treatment system with in-house specialists.
Department: Internal Medicine; General Surgery; Orthopedics and Neurology; Ophthalmology and Dentistry; Dermatology;
Obstetrics and Gynecology; Diagnostic Imaging; Clinical Pathology, Anesthesia and Pain Management; Avian and Exotic Animal;
and Farm Animal.
In addition, by communicating immediately with previous local hospitals, we can promptly and accurately make diagnose and provide appropriate treatment without overlapping examinations. Afterwards, the owner has options on further treatment methods: to transfer back to the local hospital, or to continue treatment at SNU VMTH through further appointments with relevant department.
  • Emergency Medicine Center: Examination Room
  • Emergency Medicine Center: Consulting Room
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